Atelier logiciel Sandré

Software Workshop Sandré

We produce secured, sturdy and reliable software, with the best practices of software engineering. We work in continuous interaction with our clients to ship ever increasing added value. Automated tests are the contract between us. Other developers can edit our code, you are not bound to us by an esoteric style.

Our Workshop can also analyze and straighten your software. We are specialists in Software Quality. When your team struggle to ship features, when their happiness decreases at the same speed of your client's, your project is at stake. Call us for a few months mission, aiming to straighten practices and avoid your developers exhaustion and resignation.

At last, we teach proven software craftmanship practices. We refer to academic research in computer science to stay sharp. Our weekly hand-made watch give us access to knowledge long before blogs and specialized press.

Please be informed that we don't accept any full-time long-term contract.

Contact Us if you seek for more.